How do I debug an inceasing CPU load

Hi I am running the latest 3.4.4 release on a RPI 4. In the last few weeks I’ve been getting a crash every few days. I can’t seem to find what is causing this. I did a fresh install on a new SD card to make sure it was not a corrupted card. I have the System Info binding running which shows that CPU jumps upto 40% then a bit later up to 60% and if I leave it eventually Openhab justs stops working.

I’ve looked through the forums and tried the obvious:
Openhab logs - nothing apppears that ties in with the sudden increase
Threads - no zombie, no locked

Aside from having to uninstall bindings is there anything else I can do? The time period between rebooting and getting the spike seems to vary from 1 day to several days.

Do you use openHABian for this? is it the only application running on your Raspi?
apart from that, if you’re able to analyze JAVA Heap files, you could try to dump those and try to figure out, what’s in there.

otherwise, as you already suggested, only activating one binding at a time should tell you, what’s causing this. Perhaps others have better suggestions. :slight_smile:

Yes openhabian - and yes the only application. I’ve never looked at heap files - I’ll try and see if there are clues in there.

I may have found something, I found a rule that seems to be running non-stop. In console I used the command
shell:threads --list

And I found this rule…I see if turning it off helps!

6669 │ OH-rule-alarm_next-1-1 │ RUNNABLE │ 36375466 │ 32007490

edit: yes this worked - had a rule which was triggered by several group member updates and it seems to have got into a never ending loop.