How do i do speedtest ookla with openhab2 on windows 10?

I installed speedtest CLI on Windows 10
How do I combine it with openhab2?

The following link should get you started.

Speedtest-cli Internet Up-/Downlink Measurement Integration - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thanks but I could not figure out how to write the rules that will fit windows

What errors are you getting? The link has a section for writing the rule by making some changes to the linux rule code.

thanks for your reply,
I found this one:
Speedtest CLI by Ookla - Internet Up-/Downlink Measurement Integration - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

and i’m getting error when i try to START

Still a valid question.

I do not know, I followed the instructions

Alright, let’s see if we can help with an error that is a secret.

When you copied the rule from that post, you did also copy the two lines before, and put them at the top of your xxx.rules file?

val String ruleId = "Speedtest"
val Number calc = 125000 // Converting from bits to Mbits

i found this error from log file:

2021-03-19 00:34:33.601 [ERROR] [pse.smarthome.model.script.Speedtest] - --> speedtest failed. Output:


You may only use this Speedtest software and information generated

from it for personal, non-commercial use, through a command line

interface on a personal computer. Your use of this software is subject

to the End User License Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at

these URLs:


To accept the message please run speedtest interactively or use the following: 

    speedtest --accept-license

You should read on further in the thread you copied the rule from

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Solved :slight_smile:
I added --accept-license after -f json
val speedtestExecute = "C:/openHAB2/speedtest.exe -f json --accept-license"

Thank you for helping me solve this

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