How do I know that a NodOn z-wave remote has been included properly?


I use NodOn remotes throughout the house and have used them with other controller softwares before. So I kind of know how they work, but I am a bit confused about them in openHAB.

When I included the device in Paper UI (HABmin did not work) I got a node, but no channels to attach items to:

I am assuming this means that the device is not included 100% (including interview), right ?

So, there is not at this point a way to use it yet, (as highlighted in this post)

Am I right? What can I do about it?

That is a very old post and reflects the setup for openHAB1. Assuming you are on openHAB2 you need to use Things and Channels and then link Items to your Channels.

It should look something like:

Number FibFGS223_1_Scenes { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node30:scene_number" }

It is a battery operated device I guess. So you need to wake it up manually (see the manual) several times until initialization is completed. After successful initialization you should see a *.xml file in your /userdata/zwave folder.

Thanks for this information. I will look out for the xml file then and wake up the thing constantly. I thought I did, but I guess I can make a better effort.