How do I link the Chamberlain MyQ binding to Google Home?

Hey everybody! It’s my first day ever using openHAB2, so please be gentle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to link my MyQ garage door hub to my Google Home app, and it seems as if openHAB + cloud is the way to go about doing this.

I’ve gotten fairly far with this whole process, but am failing at getting items to show up in

Here’s what I’ve done:
Found the latest fixed version of the MyQ bindings and manually installed it to my openHAB setup.

Configured the MyQ binding, used the inbox in paper UI to create Things (using simple mode?) which appears to have automagically created links and items.

Configured Openhab cloud to show as online and allow me to access my dashboard.

However, when I look at the items page for cloud, I see nothing.

I went into the services config in paper UI and selected the info I wanted to “expose”, and waited a bit, nothing shows on the items page.

I read somewhere that it’s possible that I need to change the device state, so I did that, but it doesn’t do anything.

I tried restarting my docker container, no change.

I tried removing the “expose” settings, nothing. Re-add, nothing.

I also read somewhere that I need to properly tag exposed items? But if they’re auto created, I see they’re stored in a json file instead of a .items file, so I’m not sure how to modify the tag.

So, my question is - can someone tell me how to use Paper UI (or something else) to set up control of my garage doors via google home, from start to finish? I feel like I’m missing something simple that I just don’t know to do because I’m new to this system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A few pointers and a small example should be all I need. Cheers! :smiley:

Hi Ben, welcome to openHab.

There are a few different things going on here.

  1. Exposing items via myopenhab has been disabled. There are numerous threads here going over the history for that if you’re interested.

  2. You are correct that the process is through tagging of items now. Here is the link you want to follow for getting the items configured and getting google home configured:

  1. The default setting in OH is that items are auto-created for you. Most people disable this feature (In paperUI Configuration > System > Item linking > Simple mode = off) and configure items either through the PaperUI Configuration > Items or through text files. For your case text files will be what you’re looking for because as far as I know the only way to tag items created through PaperUI (manually or automatically) is by using the Rest API which is a little more than you probably want at the moment.

Here’s an example of my text configuration for a garage door item that works through google home:

Rollershutter GA_GarageDoor "Garage Door" <garagedoor> { ga="Garage" [tfaPin="****"], synonyms="Garage",channel="chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:b0ef80da:CG0846020D31:rollerstate"}

Edit: Nevermind, got it. Thank you. It just doesn’t show in the items, for some reason, but now shows in the home app. This will get me going. :smiley:

I lied. It got me halfway working. I can now see a switch type device or Rollershutter device added to Ghome when I sync the OpenHab service.

HOWEVER…when I do “Rollershutter” using your example - the device only has a gear icon on it, and doesn’t let me control anything.

When I add it as a switch…it doesn’t do anything. It shows me on/off buttons, but they don’t actually open the door.

I’m close, I can feel it…

That is the same thing I see in my google home. There are no controls on the app screen itself but google assistant still properly operates the device with voice commands “Open garage door” or “Close garage door”. There are several such devices in my google home screen that don’t have UI controls but respond to voice (Sonos speakers, August door lock, rachio sprinkler etc.).

If you want the on/off switch in the google home screen, then you probably need to not only change the item type to switch, but you also have to change the ga metadata to one of the options listed on the above link as associated with switch items. The value “garage” is meaningless with the rollershutter items. If you’re ok with the garage door icon looking like a switch then Switch item and ga=“switch” should do the trick. You’ll be able to send commands from the google home screen, but they’ll be labeled “on” and “off”.