How do I preserve influx & grafana data during upgrade or new install?

Hi, I’m running openhabianpi with Openhab 2.0 and would like to upgrade to the latest version. But I have over six months of influxdb data and grafana charts I don’t want to lose. Any thoughts on how best to proceed?

It depends on the extent of your upgrade. Both InfluxDB and Grafana are completely separate applications so if you just upgrade OH in place (i.e. run openhabian-config and choose the update menu options) your InfluxDB and Grafana data will remain untouched.

I think, but do not know for sure, that if you back up /var/lib/influxdb and /var/lib/grafana as well as /etc/influxdb and /etc/grafana that should capture everything. But someone more knowledgable about those servers will have to verify.

You should look on the two program’s websites for instructions on how to back them up.

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Hi @rlkoshak
I was just considering the same question.
If i upgrade my OH 2.4 to OH2.5 M4, will I keep my influxdb and rrd4j databases and data?

Iam not using openhabian, but installed the OH2 distri on a Raspbian image.

Are you sure about 2.5 M4? I can only find M2 in JFrog?
thx again


yes, you are right, I opened the wrong folder in jfrog, sorry.