How do I select a different sitemap

I have been playing with OH1 and OH2 now for a couple of weeks and have decided that I will proceed with OH2. I know it is currently under development awaiting the first official release , but what exists so far is superb and is working well.

So far, I have just been editing the demo.sitemap files. I now want to create my own sitemap with my own name (e.g. cowen.sitemap). In which configuration file do I configure the new sitemap name?

Thank you

You can add “?sitemap=cowen” to the end of the url to select another sitemap…

OK - that works but when I go to my OH2 instance at:


I am currently presented with a page that allows me to choose which UI I want to use. If I select one of these, I then see the ‘Server Error’ message. My assumption was that this is because the system is configured to use the ‘demo’ sitemap by default. I can change the URL of course as you suggest, but I don’t want to manually edit this each time or create multiple bookmarks. In the end I prefer to go the OH2 welcome screen and just jump to the UI from there for my sitemap.

Maybe a nice addition here would be the possibility to select the sitemap in the case that multiple sitemaps are configured - I don’t know if the mechanism behind supports multiple sitemaps. In my case, 1 is enough. :slight_smile:

Use the Paper UI, go to Configuration->Services and you can define the default sitemap to use for each UI!


So easy when you know how!

Perfect - thank you.

Hi further to this, when I change the setting, this works perfectly. However, if I reboot the Pi, the demo sitemap is searched for again. I have to go and again reset the sitemap setting.

How do I make the setting permanent?

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Actually, I found the file where this is defined and changed the value manually. But for information, changing this value in the paperui did not update the file.


which file did you edit?


you can set the default sitemap on conf\services\basicui.cfg and classicui.cfg

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Can you post an example of the content of those config files for basic and classic ui? My services folder does not have anything to start with.

Here is my basicui.cfg

# Defining the default sitemap to use

# The icon type to use, either png or svg

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