How do i set switcher in openhab?

how do i set switcher in openhab?
i have the device id, what next?

Please be more specific!
I donโ€™t have an idea what you are asking.

Are you asking about how to display a switch item in a sitemap?
Is Switcher another company that provides smart devices?
What technology is being used?

i fund this topic but how do i install in my system?

You are going to have to give us some more help here.

What is โ€œmy systemโ€, have you got openHAB running already? Remember we have no idea what you are starting from.

What are you wanting to install? The linked topic covers python scripts, openHAB rules, EXEC binding, the REGEX transformation service. Many parts, all separately installable.

i am new in openHAB.
my openHAB running.
what is REGEX transformation service and EXEC binding?
and how do i use and install them?

These are things talked about in the forum post that you linked to and said you wanted to install. They are documented on the main openHAB site.

Take a step back here, donโ€™t just randomly install stuff when you do not know what it is about.
What are you actually trying to achieve, can you explain this like we have no idea what you are talking about?

A switcher is a device that controls a hot water boiler
And I want to control it through openhab
And according to the post I shared with you, they were successful there but because Iโ€™m new in openhab so I do not know where to start

Have you got one of those yet? Maybe this is about choosing something that is easy for you to work with.

If you have got one, weโ€™d like to know a bit more about it. You think it is identical to the one in that shared post?
โ€œswitcherโ€ is a very general word in English and we do not know if you are talking about some particular model of device.

I have had the device for a year and I was able to install it on homeassistant but now I am trying to switch to openhab
And in homeassistant I set up the device through this guide:

And this is the main site of the company:

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Okay, so you already have this python script installed?
The other thread offers a good template for you to get this working.

First thing youโ€™ll need to do with openHAB is install the exec binding. This allows you to call your python script at intervals, and get the returned text into an openHAB Item.
You set up a Thing for the script call, and an Item to receive the output.

Once you have that working and can see the returned page of results in openHAB, you can build your own rule to process the results into more useable individual Items.

The rule given in the thread uses the REGEX transformation service, which is an add-on openHAB feature you will need to install. REGEX allows complex string extraction from your output.

HA has a โ€œbindingโ€ for this device:
I wonder how can someone who is not familiar with programming can, for example, write a new binding to this device. I guess it is up to the community to do that. I noticed there is a magnitude difference in the number of contributors to HA compared to OH. Why is that?

By learning to codeโ€ฆ

Yes. Remember you are part of it.

I think you would have to ask them (all).

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