How do I uninstall OpenHAB2 from a Windows 10 PC

As a newbie to openHAB I first wanted to try to access my KNX bus via openHAB on Windows 10, before switching to a Raspberry PI.

Unfortunately I went too fast, mixing openHAB via Browser with manipulating config files at the same time. I’d like to wipe openHAB totally and reinstall to have an absolute new installation, to try again.

I assume deinstallation means manual work? What directories / registry entries do I have to delete, before I can start a new attempt?

Thanks, Klaus

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Since openHAB is written in Java that runs on many platforms, I doubt there are registry entries.

After looking at the installation documents here I would assume you just delete the directory where you unpacked the zip file.

Thanks Bruce!

I will do that.

Remaining concern is that using the UI did not affect any config files in that special directory. So I assume some corpses will still remain at a place I could not find yet! Probably trying to work with the UI will find these files again, so I suppose, I will not come further than I was.

As I said, I mixed working with the UI and tried manual configuration at the same time. To be sure, I want to get rid of all things concerning openHAB to start new.

I really dislike software, designed to store data somewhere unknown or unnecessarily hard to locate…

Best regards