How do I use playstream and webaudio (help)

Attemp in brief:

Oh2 -> invoke radiostream -> play over webaudio on client’s speaker

no sound (in oh2 panel)

But, as this is my first post, first of all many thanks to all of those who made this nice system as functional as it is. I appreciate the the time, the effort an the knowledge very much! The setup went well and the demanded things are working smoothly (eg lights).

But I am stuck at one point:

I am trying to achieve that one of my clients (Android-tablet) plays a radio stream which is meant to be invoked on my oh2 host machine. But by now only “playsound” is working. The stream (radio url) seems to be played, but there is no output on the webaudio sink.

Until now I tried to understand the manuals and I did a bunch of searches in the forum and the net. I found some similar (or slightly different approaches) but I could not find a suitable solution, since I simply do not get any output from the stream in webaudio, so it feels as I am missing something.

Since I am a beginner I assume a mistake in the rules file. I am not a developer. My skills are limited to some shell scripting, basic php and a raw idea of python.

My OH2-Server
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3
Raspbian Debian 9 (stretch)
Java 1.8.0_221
OH2: 2.4.0 (release build)
Sound-configuration: default sink = webaudio

Android Tablet (sound works in general)
AOSP (sort of)
OH2 app 2.7.0
OH2 panel view 0.9.25
Linux Mint 19.1, cinnamon
Firefox / Chromium

Steps on the OH2-Server:

Create a simple items in /items/Webradio.items

Switch WebradioS "Webradio Switch"

Create a simple sitemap for the switch in /sitemap/Webradio.sitemap

sitemap Webradio label="Webradio"

  Switch item=WebradioS icon="radio"

Create a rule in /rules/Webradio.rules, including for testing a playSound (which is working)

rule "RadioS"
		Item WebradioS received command ON
		playStream("webaudio", "")
		//playSound("webaudio", "doorbell.mp3")

Switch appears in sitemap; when turned to on “playsound” is working on all devices (with habpanel open);
playStream gives no sound.

When the switch is turned on, Karaf says:

[INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'WebradioS' received command ON

[INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WebradioS changed from OFF to ON

[INFO ] [smarthome.event.PlayURLEvent         ] - Play URL ';skey:1564585633'.

I believe that the streaming url is valid; I also tried a different one with the same result (playing but no sound).

So a little guidance would be very helpull. Thanks in advance.

I see this caution on the documents page.

They do not say it works with theAndroid client UI or the Basic UI.


Dear Bruce_Osborne,
thank you for your reply.

The webaudio is actually working on my android device(s) as I am able to use webaudio and playSound.
On these I use the apps from the fdroid-repo (see versions above).

When I comment in the playSound line and comment out the playStream line (in my example above) the “doorbell.mp3” is played on the android device as long as I have one of these apps running and the screen is not locked. Simultaneously (and convenient to me) the sound is played in the webbrowser on my laptop as long as I have Habpanel loaded (as discussed here: Web Audio to specific client?).

So webaudio itself seems to work. At least with playsound. Bothering is the playStream…

Hi man, did you manage to playstream any radio?
I also managed to play audio via web audio but no success with playstream.
Thank you.

Has anyone been able to make this work?