How do you create buttons in settings screens

I’d like to add the following buttons to the OpenHab Homekit binding:

  • Prune Dummy Accessories
  • Clear Pairings
  • (bonus) Show Dummy Accessories

The Z-Wave binding contains several buttons which perform actions, as seen below:

Looking at the config file controller_serial.xml, they appear to be boolean settings which are set to true when the button is clicked (and effectively setting the current form state). But, I cannot tell what the developers did to make them appear as buttons, as opposed to toggle boxes. Related mystery, from just where is the button for “View Network Map” coming? The text “View Network Map” doesn’t exist anywhere in the z-wave repository…

Hello @Tim_Harper, to my knowledge some of UI parts are hardcoded and do not come from binding/addon itself. While binding can provide information, all heavy lifting related to visualization come from openhab-webui.