How do you link Nest items to channels in OH2?

I apologise up front if I’ve missed the page that describes this, however, I cannot get my nest to appear in OH2 in anywhere other than items (where I configured them in nest.items) in Paper UI.

I have OH2 Build 717 running on a Mac mini OS X 10.12.2. Fresh build. I have z-wave and Wemo bindings up and running and have moved to getting my Nest up and running. I have configured the binding and I am getting data from the Nest API:

10:13:10.090 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - NestTStat_ambient_temperature_c changed from 21.5 to 22.0

My nest.items file looks like this (just one line - I have all the other parameters defined also and all are responding):

Number NestTStat_ambient_temperature_c “Ambient Temperature [%.1f °C]” {nest="<[thermostats(Entryway).ambient_temperature_c]"}

There are no errors in my logs - all nest thermostat parameters are receiving values from the nest API.

Knowing it’s a 1.9 version binding, I looked at the 1.x to 2 migration wiki but it was unclear to me how to migrate nest items. I know it’ll be something simple, and likely to be a doc that I just can’t find, can anyone help me please?

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Not quite sure what you mean by get them to appear in OH2 but you won’t see a Thing appear in the PaperUI for a 1.x binding as they don’t use the new ESH APIs.

Daniel is correct – 1.x bindings should work the same as they did under openHAB 1.x, with .items files, rules, sitemaps, etc. I will provide a new Nest binding using the new Eclipse SmartHome APIs, but the basic functionality will be the same as the existing binding. If you have any suggestions about improvements to the UIs or documentation at, I’m sure it would be valuable feedback.

thanks Daniel and John,

Is my next step then, seeing as though I am receiving the data from the Nest API, to create a sitemap? or modify the current sitemap that OH2 Paper UI has generated? Do I not need to link the items to channels in some way? and if I do, how would I do that?

Is the key to my success, with getting my Nest config working with OH2, to go back a learn how 1.x configs, bindings and sitemaps work? I’m just after a pointer to where to look. I’ve read the Nest Binding Doc, with the examples. This is how I got the binding working (I can see values in the log files) - thanks for that. I then tried to follow the migration document but could not figure out how to link my items to channels. I feel I’m really close to getting this working.

Again, I am very appreciative of assistance,

Thanks, Dave.

The advice here only has a small bit of OH1 specific information, and should still be directly relevant. It should soon be available at as well, to reduce confusion.