How do you organise your devices in Google Home / Alexa?

Alexa used to offer a web interface, along with the ability to multi-select items, it was a breeze to organise multiple items that are exposed by openhab into different groups / rooms.

Now they’ve shut down the web interface and it can only be managed through the phone interface, and it’s a royal pain to manage. I can’t multi select and to move things one by one is extremely slow and frustrating.

Does anyone know a trick?

Google home never had an easy way to do it since the beginning, so I don’t even bother using it.

In the Alexa app you can still multi select items and assign them to a room / group:

  1. Open the group
  2. Clock in edit
  3. Select all items you want to add to the group

Google Home supports defining the structure and room in the ga metadata. I just put my devices in the right room from the start. In the rare cases where I need to move a device, I just change the metadata and sync devices.

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TIL! Thank you so much! I must have glossed over that in the doc

To ease setting up new devices you can add a room hint: [ roomHint=“Living Room” ]