How do you: reset OH system after unsuccessful update

Hello all,

now that the update to 3.3 has been out for a while, I would also like to update
update my 3.2 system. However, a few threads that report problems after the update make me cringe.

Of course I do secure my system via Amanda as recommended, but I wouldn’t blindly take the chance. In the meantime, my system has taken on a variety of functions that I no longer want to do without.

Therefore my question: How do you ensure that a system possibly compromised by an unsuccessful update system can be reset to its original state with as little effort as possible ?

(I’m using Openhabian on a Raspi 4B, 4G, 16GB SD-Card + 32GB-Backupcard, based on the prepackaged SD card image)

Thank you very much

clone SD
do the update
do put backup to sd slot

even better, use ssd with rpi4 to avoid sd card failure anyway

With dd for example ?
Do you have to pay attention to anything special
or can you simply clone and that’s it

Then you can restore it to some new SD to validate.

Use SD mirroring. Don’t do this manually as written here, pitfalls looming.

The secondary answer would be: just reinstall and import your old config.

For sure not. This will lack any possibility of cloning and change of medium.
And it’s not supported in openHABian for another number of good reasons.

you can work with ssd or any m2 or usb drive as normal as with sd card… but it’s up to anybody how runs home critical systems …

You can mess up your very own box just as you like but OP said he runs openHABian so no, SSD is bad advice.

Many thanks for your suggestions.
I think I will try the Amanda-way.