How do you set my.openhab device's location?

I was poking around on the “my devices” page of the my.openhab website and noticed that there is a “Last locatoin” column. However in that column for each of the devices I have set up it shows “Never”. Does anyone know how to make it so my device’s can update their location and have it show?

I suspect this is a placeholder for planned future functionality and not yet supported. I’d love to be wrong on this though.

I just noticed the “Last location” column, too. Are there any news about this?

There are many ways to get a device’s location. The mos common is OwnTracks with the GPSTracker binding. I’ve seen no new news on this feature. If you look at the issues and PRs on github you will see that some things are still being discussed, but those will probably bypass this location column and instead update an Item.

Hi Rich,
Thank you. I’m doing it on iOS with Locative, but it would be nice not to have another app just for that (and do it the same way on iOS and Android).