How does the automatic persistence work in OH3

I know, that OH 3 has automatic persistence integrated and that it works just out of of the box, but I’ve some questions about it and I didn’t find any documentation. Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a documentation for the automatic persistence (configuration, length of the history, …)?
  2. Is this document (Persistence | openHAB) still valid in OH3?
  3. Does manual persistence (configuration) affect automatic persistence?
  4. Exists the automatic persistence for every item bound to a thing channel or what else triggers the automatic persistence?

1). I believe the default is everyChange, everyMinute and restoreOnStartup but I may be mistaken
2). Should be
3). If you set a rrd4j.config file it will override the default - deleting it should reset to default.
4). The default will only support items with a type supported by rrd4j (basically numbers and datetime)

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  1. rrd4j - Persistence Services | openHAB

The rrd4j persistence services comes with a default persistence strategy which persists every Item on every state change and at least once a minute. Additionally, it restores the last stored value at system startup.


Thanks, to both of you. That’s the info I was looking for.