How does zwave routing work

I’ve been trying to understand this for 6 months, and maybe someone here knows.

I don’t quite understand how zwave routing works. I have certain devices that are out of range of the SUC / openhab hub. They are ecolink door/window sensors if that matters. If I take them a few feet closer to the SUC, they work fine, so I think its just a range / interference problem (though oddly, their wakeup events make it through). However, routing should be solving this problem, because there is a perfectly functioning zwave enabled lightswitch about 2 feet away from the sensor. It shows up in the neighbor list for the sensor (the SUC does not). Is there something specific that needs to be configured to make the sensor alarm values route through the hardwired switch?

I’m using the snapshot zwave jar.

A quick search with my favorite search engine came to this nice article:

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Good article. However, for me this is still a mystery. When I look at how my network is routed, many routing goes through a (battery powered) devices that is physically on the end of the network, thus in no way the physically shortest route. This is in a small wooden house. Guess it’s some logic somewhere in there, but it sure isn’t obvious…

If you are using the network viewer in HABmin: don’t trust it, it is buggy at the moment.

Yep, I didn’t look any further. Maybe explains something then :smile:

So is there a different tool or utility I can use to either visualize and repair the routing infrastructure? I have 70ish devices, and about 7 of them are stubbornly not routing properly (presumably, since messages from them do not make it to the controller, but work fine if I move the devices closer to the controller).

This is a good article, but sort of skimps on some of the details.

Is it my job (as the installer) to configure the routes? Does the controller do this automatically? I know how to see the neighbor list (via Openhab, but also via ozwcp and some other tools), but I don’t see routes specifically configured.

Anyone have a utility / tool / piece-of-software that can visualize and/or modify the routing table that the controller has?



Yes, the zwave binding as soon as heal function is enabled again. Or - as far as I understood - this has already been done with a test zwave binding including security:

Not possible at all as far as I know …

Edit: this is what you want: