How far is my home?

Hi folks,

I’m using mqttitude with Owntracks to track position and manage presence.

Now I’m struggling to find a solution to know how much time is required from eg. the office to my house analysing realtime the traffic.

Any chance to do that? I mean, to know the estimated time to arrival?



You could probably set up a rule that triggers when you leave your “work” zone that stores “now” into a var. Then another rule that triggers when you enter “home” and subtract the var from “now” to see how much time has passed.

Though personally I’ve found that Waze is way better at doing this than I could ever do on my own.

any chance to use Waze API via OH?

Waze’s API is pretty limited. However, if you have an Android you could use Tasker and perhaps AutoInput you could easily post updates to openHAB’s REST API based on what is on the Waze screen. I have an AutoInput Tasker task that scrapes the ETA from the Waze app screen and sends an SMS to my wife to tell her when I should be expected home.

@rlkoshak please can you give more details on how to scrape the ETA from the Waze app

I don’t really use this any more. At a high level:


  • Tasker
  • AutoInput
  • Waze


IIRC I had a task that does the following:

  • open Waze and start navigation to home using an intent.

  • sleep for enough time for Waze to do it’s thing

  • use AutoInput to scrape the screen for the ETA element. Check the docs for AutoInput for details.

  • use Tasker’s SMS task to send the text message.

I Italy set this up using a tutorial on the AutoInput site. I’m sure it is something like it is still there.

I don’t use it any more because Waze now had this feature built in. I imagine you could have AutoInput simulate the screen taps to use the built in function instead.

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Thanks for this clear explanation, will make a try