How I came to my setup (reminder to myself)

Ok it’s the time of the year (again) that my raspbi died and I had to start all over again. Since I try to dig out all the details and try to remember how I did it last time I thought perhaps I write a reminder to myself. Instead of keeping it to myself I’ll just shout it out to everyone. Perhaps someone finds some inspiration or gives me hints for the next round of installation (I hope not needed…)

  1. I learned to not put OPENHAB on the SD card. It works fine but at some point the SD card is full (yeah rotation of logs should be setup properly) or as in my case went corrupted after power outage. Better is:
    Use a Raspberry Pi 3 and put the data on a HD. This gives you tons of storage for log files and in case of power issues you probably keep the data and just lose the bootcode :slight_smile:
    Below worked for me:
    (I tried several others including the one from Adafruit but they all didn’t worked. Above is quite manual but did the job)

  2. in order to make the razberry daughter card work you need to enable/disable the BT and other UART staff. See:
    OpenHAB2 + Razberry + Z-Wave Binding

  3. Raszberry Daughter Card
    That thing saves the Z-wave settings so do not reinitialize every single device. You can pull it from the daughter card again. However to make it work you need the Z-way-server running and access that webfrontend. Once all devices showing up stop the z-way-server (for once and for all) with e.g.
    sudo service z-way-server stop
    followed by
    update-rc.d -f z-way-server remove
    and reboot!
    (Zway and Openhab2 don’t like each other. OH2 will not work if Z-way-server also runs. Since OH2 is the main controler we don’t need the z-way-server once all devices are “downloaded”)

  4. the port for Razberry in Openhab2 is

  5. adding items via paperUI will dump it into the database which is nearly impossible to maintain. I prefer the oldschool textfile version since I’m in full control.
    a) login into karaf where you can see all the database details and similar
    Launch karaf console on openhab2
    b) get a list of all items etc via runtime commands and once managed in textfile delete the items from the DB

  6. Logfiles under daily rotation via:
    Logfile is kept in (distro installation):

  7. to be added via edit :slight_smile: