How i can login openhab sever when it's like this?

when i try to connect into this ip of my pi zero, it can’t to be connect. I don’t know how to fix this. Is this my internet has a problem or sth else. If some body know how to fix it or have a video about this problem, please share with me. Thanks alot <3

This shouldn’t be an internet connection problem as you try to connect to an IP that is being used in the ‘local’ / private IP address range which is not routed via the internet.
In case you would like to connect via the internet then you need to use a public IP address ( IP address of your router ) but for this other things needs to be arranged as well …

Your problem could be cause by:

  • your PI uses DHCP and the IP address of your PI has changed in the meantime
    you can check this e.g. by looking into your router which show maintain a list of all IPs and in best case a matching list of names of computers
  • in case you are sure your PI uses the IP address that is shown in the browser it could be that the OH service does not run
    in that case connect via SSH/putty to your PI and check the OH error log file
  • in case you cannot connect using SSH then most probably the first case is the problem
    in that case you need to connect a monitor and a keyboard to login and analyze

From the message I guess your machine is reachable, but on Port 8080 there is no response or the access has been denied. If OH is not running or the UI has crashed this is a typical response.

Up to now you have provided only little information, so some simple questions first:

  • What did you do before the issue showed up? Fresh install, maybe an upgrade?
    What OS and OH version are you running on the Pi?
  • Do you get a response when sending a ping to the Pi?
  • Can you connect to the Pi using SSH ?
  • What is the status of the “openhab” service?
    And finally:
  • Did you try to reboot the machine? Any change?


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