How to activate a scene in phoscom

I have read that it is possible to activate scenes in the phoscon app from OpenHAB3.
The scene appears as a channel in my lights group.
I have tried to set the state to the name of a scne: no joy, also tried sending the name of the scne as a command. No joy either.

The targeted “Scene” channel of item “Buitenlamp aan huis” reports being online.
Managing lights brighness directly from openhab as well as phoscon works fine. Scenes from phoscon also work ok.

Obviously I am doing someing wrong here :wink:

Whats the trick to do this / either using a rule or (this is what I tried) using the GUI to set up a rule to activate the scene. My scene names are “Avond” (evening) “Nacht” (night) and “Dag”

(Running Openhab 3.01 on synology nas in docker container)

TIA - Hans

Did you create the scenes in Phoscon before or after the group thing was created in openHAB or openHAB was restarted?

You could set the binding to DEBUG and see what errors show up.

i have the same here. The other way around does not work either. The channel is a string channel and when i activate a scene in Phoscon it should appear in the openHAB but this does not happen. the Channel stays NULL.

IIRC the other way is not supported by deconz.

Edit: it seems in fact at least with recent version it is supported on the deconz side, but not on openHAB side. This is an enhancement to the current functionality.

Recalling scenes works for me if

  • the scene was present at openHAB startup
  • the name of the scene (NOT the id) is send to the channel (case-sensitive!)

Can you confirm this is also working for you? Newly added scenes are not available before the next restart. Not sure if that is a bug, but for sure not nice.

ok, i deleted the thing, created some scenes in Phoscon and re-added the thing again in openHAB after restart of both and i now can work with the scenes.I have added the scene names in the state description and can nicely select them. I confirm if I add some more scenes in Phoscon, they cannot be choosen. I suspect this needs another re-start atleast…

I have another issue with this Deconz Thing. The switch of this Phoscon Group in the Thing is not switchable, it behaves like a string.

Yes, a restart (probably disable/enable of the thing) should be enough.

The all_on and any_on channels are read-only. Deconz does not allow to set these, they are only status-reports.

To switch all light, you need to use the color channel (you should be able to link that to a switch).

got it, thanks Jan!

Re-attached the switch to the Color channel and this works of course. I could have come to this conclusion on my own :slight_smile:



openhab re-start was sufficient!

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Still no joy here.

These are the steps I took (after restarting Deconz and Openhab)
Things-> Goto thing “Buitenlamp aan huis” (deconz:lightgroup)
Select channels -> “Recall scene”,
Add link to item, create new item , named “Buitemlampaanhuis_RecallScene”
Parent group “Buiten” (which is same as parent as lightgroup)
Profile: (No Profile)
Click Link button.

Then back to rules,
Create/Edit rule “Buitenlamp Avond”
When: daylightphilps_dark changed from OFF to ON
then: Update the state of Buitenlampaanhuis_RecallScene to “Avond”

and another rule “Buitenlamp Dag”
When: daylightphilps_dark changed from ON to OFF
then: Update the state of Buitenlampaanhuis_RecallScene to “Dag”

and another rule “Buitenlamp Nacht”
When: time is 23:30
then: Update the state of Buitenlampaanhuis_RecallScene to “Nacht”

When I trigger the rules using the “Run Now” button the state of the Buitenlampaanhuis_RecallScene item changes alright (pinned in the debug pane), but nothing actually happens in the phoscon app, and neither to the lights outside.

I have found out how to display the events log, and I do see the state changes generated from the rules.

Unfortunately I do not know (yet) how to “debug the binding” nor how to visualize commands/REST communication sent to the phoscon app/deconz. I looked around abit but couldnt find a “howto” for this.



Did you restart after creating the scene? I’m the UI, do you see the name of the scene when you click on the item to change it‘s state?

Yes, I restarted the Deconz docker container as well as the openhab docker container.
I did not find another way to “reboot” OpenHAB.

Also, I have read there were some issues woth the scenes #9514, but I believe they are fixed. Unless I am running the wrong version? (v3.01)

No, that issue was fixed before 3.0 release. Please set the binding to “TRACE” level (log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.deconz) and show what is sent and received when you try to recall a scene.

I had the way that it works the wrong way round in my head. :s

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I Created a string item “DagStatus” item that gets to contain the name of the scene,
  2. Created some rules that Checked “DARK” channel of the hue binding and check the Clock to set “Avond”, “Dag” or “Nacht” to the DagStatus item
  3. Link the thing “Buitenlicht” lightgroup, scene channel to the DagStatus Item with Profile “Follow”

Now it works like a charm HappyHappyHapy-JoyJoyJoy :>

Thanks for bearing with me.

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