How to add charts (OPEN)

How do I make a temperature chart displaying the history of temperature for 1 day like the one included in the demo version of habpannel

I’m using the yahoo weather binding to get outside temperature

(I’m still a Begginer so please don’t scare me too much and make things as simple as possible thanks )

I’ll try not to scare you. :slight_smile:

Assuming you already have an item that is displaying the current temperature.
You will need to store historical temperature information, so we can actually know what the temperature was 1h ago.

This is called “persistence”.
This is explained here:
If you have no preference in which database to use, I recommend InfluxDB. There is a nice tutorial here.

After you have successfully set up persistence, you need to think about how to visualize this.
Also here you have many options. But on this forum, I think Grafana is used in many (most?) cases. This is also explained in that tutorial.

Good luck!

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Ok thanks for that there’s a lot of code and other things to get my head around there I will slowly have a read and see if I can try and get that up and running might have to leave it until I’m a little more experienced

That is the most simplest answer I have seen regarding charts… I am going to give this ago tomorrow.

If your looking to setup the charts like the demo, I just recently did the same here. The one missing piece that wasn’t well documented is that you need to include a Number Group item for Weather_Chart.

i still haven’t started to add charts to my OH install yet i have been trying to get the basics running first.

i would also like to store the on/off states of sockets and hue lights

Would InfluxDB be able to handle all of these