How to add iHome iSP6X smart plug

  • Platform information: macOS Mojave - Mac mini

openjdk version “1.8.0_192”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_192-b01)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Zulu (build 25.192-b01, mixed mode)

  • openHAB version: 2.4

  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue

Hello everyone. I am just starting to play with Openhab.

I have several iHome iSP6X smart switches and would like to add them as a thing. Searching for iSP6X or iHome I did not find any information in the Openhab site. I could have missed something and it’s quite possible that I did.

Can someone give me some help or point me in the right direction on had to add these smart switches? They are working perfectly with my iPhone add and also with HomeKit.

Thanks for your time and help,



Note the setup I’ve described puts openhab items in homekit.

It seems Dennis is trying to put homekit items into openhab.

HomeKit items are not able to add to openhab as homekit items. You still have options! Depending how much stuff you have, you can make a homekit item and rules (in homekit) to communicate back to openhab.

Looks like
When iSP6X turns on -> turn on homekit/openhab linked item

When iSP6X turns off -> turn off homekit/openhab linked item

Not ideal especially for a lot of things. This is not an exhaustive list of ways to address your issue. I had 2 of these plugs- I gave both away, I hadn’t touched them since I started with openhab. I do still use the outdoor outlet from ihome for Christmas lights outside, I link it to my front porch light with rules like I just explained.

Thank you for your help.

I guess I am a little confused with why would I add HomeKit to Openhab. Maybe I am under the wrong impression that in Openhab I would be able to add all of the Hue, iHome switches, etc. and then setup an interface on my phone and iPad to control these things. Which I do see by reading and seeing what others have accomplished that it is possible.

I do understand that each of these companies want you to (and you have to) create an account on their system to make the thing work. Maybe I have answered my own question. The advantage of Openhab would to control these things without having to be connected to the individual company systems, correct? Therefore you could have an independent closed system if you wanted to.

I was expecting the iHome smart plug to be controlled by one of the available bindings, but it seems that this might not be the case without a lot of tinkering with the code.

Looks like I will need to spend a lot of time studying and reading about how to work with things and connections if I want to continue to pursue this.

Thanks again,


Hello and thank you for your help.

I will look into the “MQTT Node Red” thing and see if it makes sense to me. Do you think that would be a good way to control the iHome smart plug devices?

Again, thanks for the time to answer me.


This is correct. Unfortunately it doesn’t encompass every single existing device. The ihome switches are an example of one of the more difficult items. They aren’t exclusive to homekit though, check out the forums to see if anyone else has figured that one out.


Unfortunately it appears ihome (insert also “homekit only things”) are the most difficult to load into openhab.

The thing is there’s two ways things can be added. Openhab is great for adding non-homekit devices into homekit. It doesn’t work the other way to add homekit native things into openhab.

I don’t know how much you’ve invested in the ihome plugs or how many you have but manufacturers like tp-link and sonoff make similar hardware for more competitive prices (and often better-think power monitoring).

As for hue - I believe that’s going to be easier for you! But I don’t have any hue things so I won’t be helpful there.

Thank you again for answering me and the information. I will work with this some more and see if I can get any of it to work for me.

Really appreciate your help.