How to add item to Paper UI

How can I add MQTT item to Paper UI in openhab2. Is there any kind of documentation that describe this?.
br Martin

The PaperUI shows tabs on the top for every GroupItem, which has the tag “home-group” (see demo file). All items that are a member of this group will be shown on the according tab.
We are thinking about a new sitemap version, which will then also be supported in future by the Paper UI. For the time being, the above is how it works.


Kai, the link you are pointing to have been moved - could you update the link as I also encounter a need for adding an item to the Paper UI: :slight_smile:

This link is more than a year old, a lot has happened since then!

You actually CANNOT add any items to the Paper UI anymore; the Paper UI will only display Items linked to Things in the control panel. For all other purposes, the Basic UI should be used instead.

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Alright, thanks clarifying on this. I’ll take a look at the basic
UI then.

But this means you have to have a binding to make a “thing” for a item, correct? If I just push update an item without a binding, is there a simple way to connect it to a thing then?

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