How to add OH 2 items to a widget?

I try to add an item to a widget, which I created using the beta underground weather binding through paper UI. In order to reduce redundancy, I did not add the item to my *.items file in the Eclipse SmartHome Designer. The item shows up correctly in the Basic UI.

Unfortunately, the code

<div id="weather-conditions" >
  Conditions: {{itemValue('WeatherInformation_Current_Conditions')}}


Conditions: {{itemValue('WeatherInformation_Current_Conditions)}}

instead of

Conditions: Sunny

Is there something I misunderstand?

Thx, G.


Just checking, but although your template looks correct, there’s a quote missing above. Are you sure it’s there?
Hit F12 in Chrome to check the Console, there should be an error message there.

Thx, Yannick. The quote is there on my habpanel - copy past issue.

There is an error, indeed:

There is indeed a parsing error. You can click on the link (…) and it will lead you to a page displaying the entire error message.

I’m seeing “weatherunderground” which is not in the template you posted. Maybe this error comes from a another template on the dashboard? Try creating a new empty dashboard and adding your template there.

Thanks a lot for your help! Works now.