How to add ZWave scene controller in BasicUI to provide number input


I have successfully added ZWave scene controller in my OH2. Now I want to control it as a button(or anything) to input number of the scene from BasicUI so that it is also shown as a button on Android OH2 app.

On paperUI(control section), I can input the number in the area for scene controller but I don’t know how to show it in BasicUI. I have tried contact and switch but that doesn’t take any number input that I want to feed manually.

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Not sure if you can input a number to basicui but you can use Setpoint with a min and max then change the value with a button like this:

Setpoint item=KI_Temperature label="Kitchen [%.1f °C]" minValue=4.5 maxValue=30 step=0.5

Thanks. I will try it.
What happens when it reaches maxValue=30, does it then start over with minValue?

The above is only an example you can set the min,max, and step to suit your needs. When you reach the max it doesn’t start over it stays until you change it. No guarantee this will work, with what your doing, just need to test and see.

Thanks. I will try it.
What I intend to achieve is scene controller buttons operation via BasicUI so that it is possible to control the scene via Android App(which opens BasicUI).

Scene controllers in ZWave, normally produce a number that relates to the scene they trigger. If this is the case, then you will need to create a rule to process this number, and turn it into the setpoint item - I don’t think you will be able to link this directly.

Some scene controllers can be configured to send level information directly - if yours does this, then you might be able to do this without a rule.

Hi Chris,
Yes I already have a rule for my Remotec ZRC-90 Scene controller. The rules works perfectly fine with the device. However, when I use the Android app or my tablet(with BasicUI) then I can’t control the scenes anymore. Thus what I want to do simply is to be able to set a number from BasicUI and send it to the ZRC-90 device.
Is this right way ahead or should I complete create new buttons for each scene and also write new rules?
(Finally I want to control the scenes via BasicUI on tablet or Android app) and my ZRC-90 should continue to work as it it.

The above example is more for changing a set point but you can also use Selection in the site map and chose your scene based on the number.

Selection item=LR_TV_Channel label="TV Channel" mappings=[0="DasErste", 1="BBC One", 2="Cartoon Network"]

You can find more info about sitemap config here:

Thanks. I think even Switch would fit my case:

Switch item=LR_TV_Channel label="TV Channel" mappings=[0="DasErste", 1="BBC One", 2="Cartoon Network"]

I will try this tonight.
Thanks for your guidance so far.

I tried it with the Switch item in the sitemap file and it worked.

However, I do not immediately get the number reflected back. I have to browse other item and then come back to home screen and then I see the number changed to the one which I clicked.