How to adjust Frame size or change item text to new line?

As you can see from the picture my mappings run outside of the frame box, which is pretty ugly. And it’s totally unusable on the android app.

I couldnt find a solution with a quick google, is there one?

Creating a new line for the mappings in sitemap, or adjusting the frame box size?


        Frame label="Dimmer"
	        Setpoint item=YeelightBrightness label="" icon="light" minValue=1 maxValue=100 step=1
	        Switch item=YeelightBrightness label="" icon="light" mappings=[1="1",5="5",10="10",30="30",50="50",80="80",100="100"]

Change it to a selection item? Then you’ll get a drop down menu instead


Switch item=YeelightBrightness label="" icon="light" mappings=[1="1",5="5",10="10",30="30",50="50",80="80",100="100"]


Selection item=YeelightBrightness label="" icon="light" mappings=[1="1",5="5",10="10",30="30",50="50",80="80",100="100"]

I jump in here.

The only minus for selection instead of Switch is, that you do not see the current status. Is there a way to bring (50) and the red selected status back?

I don’t understand, why don’t you see the current status? it’s the selected item that is the current status , if the item is updated from another source the selection also updates, atleast it does for me.

Yes, your are right. But to see this, I have to go to the submenue.
I use mappings for my roller shutters and I want ot see the current status on one page. With selection I have to enter every selection menue to see current status of every roller shutter by its own.

The reason you can’t use selection item on the items you’ve configured is because it’s not equal to the actual state of the items. As I can see from your sitemap the item values are “100”, which is not a choice on your Switch mappings and therefore won’t be selected, this would also fail on a Selection item.

In short (withouth seeing your configuration), your sitemap configuration and mappings seem incorrect.

Edit: Just wanna add, I see no reason why you can’t have that list with a selection item as long as the sitemap is configured correctly.

Please take a look at my first screenshot

If I use selection, I see nothing about the current state, only an arrow which leads me to the submenue with the selection. Good will be to have minimum the value of the item (50) in the main screen

Code in sitemap:

		Selection item=RS_RollerShutter_01 label="Rollo Computerzimmer [(%d)]" mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="Stop", DOWN="Runter", 50="3/4 zu", 25="4/4 zu"]
		Switch item=RS_RollerShutter_02 label="Rollo Badezimmer [(%d)]" mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="Stop", DOWN="Runter", 50="3/4 zu", 30="4/4 zu"]

are you using the Classic UI or the Basic UI?

ClassicUI because the look and feel on the mobile app is the same.

Ok, that might be the cause then, I use Basic UI.

Hey thank you for that.

I just realized that element was listed on the sitemap documentation page… I guess I should read through that properly.

Aesthetically it’s not perfect but at least within the frame borders and functioning on the app.