How to attach dimmer to another dimmer?

I got this cheap IKEA Symfonisk knob/dial, which is essentially a dimmer item, they sell it to control some Sonoff speakers volume.
So I added it successfully to OH via Zigbee binding (it didnt want to work with zigbee2mqtt but works perfect with official Zigbee binding!)
Now I have this Slider in my sitemap (just for fun) and when I rotate the knob i see slider running up and down - very cool :slight_smile:

Next step, of course is to use it for either dimming some lights and/or controling the volume of the music.

Now what would be the best approach?
I am thinking of a long and ugly rule like if dimmer1 changed to 1% change dimmer2 to 1, and so on untill 100.
But really, if there is some more elegant solution how to bind/attach dimmer to another dimmer, do tell me :slight_smile:


Depending on how fancy you need things, you could do it in a rule. The easiest is to use a follow profile…

perfect, thanks. works as expected, my kodi volume dimmer now follows ikea dimmer…

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