How to build a jar for testing for the community

Hi I want to release an addon for testing, so it can deployed into a running openhab2 environment. The binding is developed in Eclipse and runs fine.

  1. How to make a jar of the binding?
  2. How to make it available as download? Where to publish it?

I know how to do this in general but I am wondering if there is a standard recommended way of doing this?


Running “mvn install” on any repository root will nicely build all artifacts (.jar files). You can upload it here, when you rename .jar into .pdf (after downloading rename it back to .jar). But I didn’t test it yet…

The “standard recommended way” I don’t know, sorry… maybe someone else…

See this post from Kai regarding the Eclipse IoT Marketplace which allows you to distribute unofficial bindings and addons.

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Create a pull request for your binding. Also add the pom.xml of your binding to addons/bindings/pom.xml at the alphabetically correct place.

That way, Jenkins will build your project and upload the jar file to the repository. Then, you can take the link to the repository and give either that link to people or even add an entry for your binding to the IoT marketplace.

Thanks dudes. Have pushed it: