How to call a Alexa routine from openhab?

I am using Alexa from openhab 4.1 which works so far. I also can call a routine directly when speaking to Alexa. Now I would like to start an existing routine directly from OH.

Which channel (item) I need to use and what is the command looks like?


The docs say ( see overview channels table) :

channel: startRoutine
type: String
Write Only! Type in what you normally say to Alexa without the preceding “Alexa,”

Did the same today - quite simple!

You need to link Channel StartRoutine to an item

which is only visible, if you select Show advanced

Then you simple send the command, you would tell Alexa to start the routine, to the item - in my case: Licht aus:
Echo_Livingroom_Routine.sendCommand(‘Licht aus’)


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Thanks for all answers! I missed the advanced button and therefore I have not seen that channel.

No it works! :slight_smile: