How to call an arbitrary TR-064 action?

This is my first post on OH community, so sorry in advance…

I successfully installed the TR-064 binding with my AVM Fritz!Box 7590. So far everything seems working.

As far as I understand TR-064 defines a set of standard actions, that can be called, and AVM added a set of additional actions (see Most of the available TR-064 actions are printed to OH-log (e.g. from OH community:

I assume the TR-064 binding uses some of the actions for the defined channels of the binding.

Is there any way to call a TR-064 action from a script?

To nail it down: I plan to use the TR-064 actions X_AVM-DE_DialNumber und X_AVM-DE_DialHangup from a rule, e.g. when one of my smoke sensors change status of the alarm channel.


	<stateVariable sendEvents="no">