How to call and display log data in second

I want to know how to call back my data. I have GPS module that detects speed and force sensor that detect force.
My apps functions when I press the switch on then off in between 5 to 10 seconds, my apps will display the maximum speed, force, date & time like in the red box below.
Is anybody know how to do that?

Perhaps you could explain more what you want Openhab to do?

I want openHAB to display like the number 1 & 2 red box above.

How are you sending your app’s data to Openhab, which Openhab UI are you using for display of your OH Items?

I send data using mqtt and classic UI

Okay, let us guess that you successfully get data into some OH Items. Date, Speed, Force perhaps??

If you want to keep a set of these of these figures long term, you would probably want to use one of the persistence services to store them.

If you only want the last two, as per your picture, it is probably easier to have just a second set of items and copy the previous set of data into them by a rule triggered on update

The problem is I can get all the speed and force data.
I use logging .persist to store the speed and force data.

But, what I really want is how do I call back the log file.
So that when I press start then stop. Openhab will display the data (maximum speed and force data) and date I press the stop button.

I do not know how to use Logging persistence. But I suspect it writes the data to a file in a format of your choice, and I do not think Openhab is able to query that at all?

You might consider another persistence service, that allows the use of query methods like lastUpdate and historicState. You could do charting off that too.

Probably misunderstanding what you mean here, wouldn’t that just be a simple display of the last update of the Items you are sending your apps data to? (no persistence involved)

How to post the last update with maximum speed and force?

In your sitemap -

  Text item=myDateTimeItem
  Text item=mySpeedItem
  Text item=myForceItem

Get that working and you can add fancy icons, frame etc. later