How to capture a command from Alexa binding

I am working on optimizing my private scanning infrastructure. Via openhab native I can scan singlesided or doublesided with scanning the frontsides, afterwards scanning backsides and then joining both pdfs accordingly.

Now I want to further integrate it with alexa. I’m thinking about something like “Alexa, singlesided scan - <document_name>”.

With a simple alexa Routine “singlesided scan” I could manage it easily, however it would be good if I could directly specify the filename, which is not supported by standard routines.

Any ideas how I could do this without learning to write Alexa skills?

amazonechocontrol binding, there is a channel lastvoicecommand that Outputs the last command Alexa received.

Sorry I forgot to mention this - already started trying this. I can get the string of the last command, but Alexa herself answers that she didn’t understand the command.