How to change from AM/PM time to 24 hour

How to change time format using “date” command from AM/PM to 24 hours?
So instead of…
Wed 08 Dec 2021 05:40:07 PM CET
I would get…
Wed 08 Dec 2021 17:40:07 CET
but ideally…
2021-08-12 17:40:07 CET
I know I can format the date command output but I already use unformated “date” command in too many scripts.
OS: Openhabian

I think it would help if you could provide more detailed information about what you have e.g.

  • are the scripts in DSL text files or have they been entered in the UI ?
  • Where/how do you use these values ?
  • What are your settings in the UI ?
  • Are your values formatted strings or “datetime” types ?

Sorry I forgot to mention that my issue is Openhabian related and not Openhab related. Simply when I give command “date” to Openhabian terminal I would like to get (as an output) datetime in 24 hours format instead of AM/PM.