How to check received command with homematic?

Hello @all,
there is a question, I´m thinking about for a long time….
If you have many Homematic things, you can manage them very well with OpenHAB. But sometimes some of the devices will go to an error and won´t accept the control tasks. For sure, they will go to “OFFLINE” in OpenHAB. But is there a possibility, to check DIRECT after “sendCommand” task that the command was received by the device?
I know that the Homematic App shows the correct Message Receive with a short green flash in the screen.
My actual solution is not very satisfying. For example: If I send an open command to one of the rollershutters, and this device is offline, the item in my sitemap is shown OPEN. But is should be still CLOSED or UNDEF or ……
I know about the possibility in the rule manager to check every Thing changing its status. But if you have more than 40 devices, this might be not the right way to check every Thing with a separate rule. I try to organize everything in modules and groups – so I don´t want to use rules for a single item or thing.
Dou you have any ideas, how to solve this problem?