How to close all roller shutters together / to 50%


i have some shelly roller shutters.
How can i open / close / set to 50% all of a group together (e.g. all of one room)?
Is there a way, to do this in the gui?


Put your Items in a Group.
Represent your Group in your UI with a suitable control widget.
Click the widget to send a command to all Group members.

Hello rossko57,

is there anywhere a howto for beginners like me?
Or a more detail info?
I had try to create a group, but it was not correct, or i cannot do anything with the shutters in the group.


The HowTo is called documentation (Introduction | openHAB).
In case you have trouble with what you understood from that reading you’d better post what you did so far. That way we would know which openHAB version you are using and how you manage the items (via files or UI).

yes I had seen the docs. They are all in English (and im not sure in English) :frowning:
Also my question (or similar) i havent found there.
Example: rossko57 had tell me, first I should use a Group. So… first question: which group? And where? I havent found any “group” to create. Only locations in “Modell” section.

It is hard for someone like me, who not a “openhab” specialist.


Yes, openHAB has a lot of different parts Just learn by doing, one step at a time.
Remember it is a dimwitted machine.
You want “How to close all roller shutters together”, so first we have to create a way to tell the stupid machine what “all roller shutters” means.

A Group is just a special kind of Item.

So the question becomes, how to create an Item? (and during creation choose it to be a Group type)

The semantic model with its Locations and Points gets you started quickly, but hides the foundations from you - the Items and Groups that really power it all.
How to create Items -

Thank you very much rossko57 for your support.
I have successfull created a (item) Group of 2 roller shutters. After a try and error to find the right “member”, all of them will now open and close with one widget. So good so far.

Next question is, how to make a button, where all shutters go to 50% open?
It should be then like above with a group, but first i need to know, how to make a shtter goto 50% position.


p.s. it will be nice for so blody beginners like me, to create some examples for frequently used szenarios (like my group above). It is only a wish/hint.

I don’t use MainUI, but all you need to do is to send command ‘50’ to your Group Item.
Perhaps a button widget with one button

That assumes your mystery shutter devices can handle numeric position commands.

Go right ahead, anyone can edit docs.
Or you might prefer to make an entry in this forum in the Examples section.

I will try … after i know how it works :slight_smile:


Should i create first an item for that?
I think, i dont need an item. I have successfully created a button with a an action “send Command” and with the “action item” of the roller shutter group.
The main question is: how does the commadnn look like, to send 50 to the roller shutter Group (or to an individual shutter)?


It is so easy… write 50 into the command… OMG :slight_smile:
Thanks @ all


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