How to compare HSB Type


I want to check if my Lamp has a specific color.
But I need a little help.

This is what I was trying:

//if (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state as HSBType == new HSBType(new DecimalType(36), new PercentType(51), new PercentType(100)) )
    //if (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state as HSBType == 36,51,100 )

That’s not going to work, because 36,51,100 is not a valid rules literal.
You might try a stringy version.
if (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state.toString == "36,51,100" )

This looks more promising, what goes wrong with it?

In real life you might want to be testing more of a range than an exact match, what do you want to happen with 36.0001,51,100 ?
To do that you’d have to extract the parts and compare individually I think.

The Log says

Character , is neither a decimal digit number, decimal point, nor “e” notation exponential mark. in Schalter

I want to Change my Lamp to this color. If the Lamp has already this color I want to turn the Lamp off.

if (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state as HSBType == new HSBType(new DecimalType(36), new PercentType(51), new PercentType(100)) )

This is an interesting adventure. Using VSCode, it gives a clue that it is the == at the heart of the problem.

if (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state as HSBType == new HSBType(...

The trouble seems to be that an HSBType object has no useful == operator, so rules DSL falls back on a simple numeric comparison - which will fail of course, because we don’t have a simple numeric. This I think is where the comma complaint comes from.

I’d guess the lack of == is because it is pretty useless in real life, as already mentioned you’d not normally get exact matches.

Anyway, in this case I think you will get away with using the === identity operator instead, to compare HSB objects instead of just value(s).
EDIT - no, this the way, the HSB type has an .equals() method

if ( (WZ_Haengelampe_Color.state as HSBType).equals(new HSBType(...)) )

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