How to completely reset ephemeris settings?


I have tried to customise ephemeris for my installation - probably at an early stage of the solution. Unfortunately, I am now unable to save the country setting permanently - neither with PaperUI nor with Habmin.

Is there a way to completely delete the settings and start from scratch?


It says (here) that you can create a configuration file at the following location:

This did not work either. There seem to be some fragments in the database that overrides the config file. Otherwise I can’t understand why neither solutions work.

You can dig around here /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/addons.config area and see what you find. May need to back or move up a directory, not sure of the exact location, but if you find it and want to make a change MAKE A WORKING BACKUP OF YOUR SYSTEM. Bad things can happen so always be prepared. :wink:

Next big thing is to STOP OH BEFORE MAKING A CHANGE to a file in this part of OH. After your change clean the cache, reboot and see what happens.

The file is located at /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openHAB/ephemeris.config I believe.