How to configure brightness via Paper UI for zigbee2mqtt

I’ve a small test setup for openHAB 2.5.9 and want to configure the brightness for a Hue lightblub.

I can change the brightness with:

mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/L_Desk/set -m '{"brightness":"100"}'

But what is the correct setup in Paper UI for this?

I assume I need to tell openHAB to send it as ‘{“brightness”:“100”}’, but how?

To make this easier, I would recommend to add:

 output: attribute

to your zigbee2mqtt configuration.yaml.

This means you’d only need to send 100 (or any number) to zigbee2mqtt/L_Desk/set/brightness (note the change in command topic; your state topic remains the same).

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Wow, many thanks :slight_smile: Works now.
I already use output: attribute but was not aware of this topic. Is it possible to browse/discover the available topics?

A similar conversation happened not too long ago:

I don’t have any Hue devices though, so your experiences may vary!

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