How to configure onewire lightsensor channel in bms thing for Elaborated Networks Multi Sensor?


I could not find any sample how to configure the light sensor of the Elaborated Networks Onewire Multi Sensor in the bms thing (bms seems the correct sensor - hopefully)
I am running OH 2.5 (2.5.11-1) and I am using a Multisensor with temperature, humidity and light.
All channels unless the light channels are working properly, I could see the illumination value, when checking the OW Server:

owget /family.address/S3-R1-A/illuminance : 395.304

But the defined thing doesn’t fill any information

  "link": "http://raspi3.wilde13:8080/rest/items/OneWireMulti1Light",
  "state": "NULL",
  "stateDescription": {
    "pattern": "%.1f",
    "readOnly": false,
    "options": []
  "editable": false,
  "type": "Number:Illuminance",
  "name": "OneWireMulti1Light",
  "label": "Illuminance",
  "tags": [],
  "groupNames": [

The thing definition looks the following:

Thing bms owmulti1 “OW GA Multi1” [
] {
Type temperature-por-res : temperature [
Type humidity : humidity []
Type absolutehumidity : absolutehumidity []
Type dewpoint : dewpoint []
Type supplyvoltage : supplyvoltage []
Type light : light []

This works for all channels unless the light/radiation.
The item definition looks like

Number:Illuminance OneWireMulti1Light “Illuminance [%.1f]” (g5Min) { channel=“onewire:bms:owbridge:owmulti1:light” }

Does anybody have an idea what happened ?
And what I could do ?

Thanks in advance

Hi all,

does nobody has experienced such issue already ?
What I found out in the meantime - starting looking into github, that there are 2 different subtypes:

BMS.channels = supplyvoltage:voltage:Supplyvoltage,absolutehumidity:abshumidity:,dewpoint:temperature:Dewpoint
BMS.label = Multisensor BMS
BMS.thingtype = bms
BMS_S.channels = supplyvoltage:voltage:Supplyvoltage,absolutehumidity:abshumidity:,dewpoint:temperature:Dewpoint,light:light:
BMS_S.label = Multisensor BMS
BMS_S.thingtype = bms

And in the Java Class "" I found the line where it determines the precise type:

String sensorTypeId = pageBuffer.getPageString(3).substring(0, 2);

I hope I interprete the topic correclty:
Looking into OWServer I see under pages:

page.3: F700000000000000

For me it seems this is a F7 sensorTypeId , which is not listed in the source code.

Does that mean I have a model which is not supported or needs to be added to the code ?
How could I achieve this ?
Could anybody please advice me ?
Would be great.