How to configure the Tellstick binding?

I am running OpenHabian 2.3 on an RPi and have some issues with my Telldus devices.
I have both a Tellstick Net and a Tellstick Duo connected, the first remotely via Telldus Live, the other locally connected via USB.

Previously, when running OH 1.8 I had to define the switches in the tellstick.conf file on the RPi but now the discovery should be automatic, right? But I still have the tellstick.conf file on the RPi. Is this the reason that I get multiple instances of each Item? They show up with different definitions like:
and probably being the same switch. I do not know which is the right one to link.

The devices connected to the remote Tellstick Net device show up correctly. They are defined in Telldus Live.
I would like to start the definition of locally connected devices from the beginning. Should I remove the tellstick.conf file and let OH discover the Tellstick Duo devices automatically? Restart of OH needed? Now the Paper UI is flooded with Tellstick switches!

Hej Gunnar, did you ever find a solution? Sorry, I don’t have the answers, just similar questions. I only discovered openHAB yesterday after a few years with another home automation software, and have been struggling with getting openHAB to recognize my Tellstick Duo. Planning fresh efforts later this week.

Hi Thomas!
No, as I recall, I never found a solution. I ended up buying an RFXtrx from RFXCOM. First you use their SW to identify the various switches then you enter those parameters in the RFXCOM binding in OH. I did the configuration manually since I did not have that many switches. If you sort out the issue around the JD2XX drivers apparently the binding also supports automatic discovery.

I’m not sure if this is of any help, but I’ve been running the Tellstick Binding since OH 2.0 and now also in OH 3.0. I’m not sure, I might have added the controller (Tellstick Duo) as Thing manually once upon a time, but what I do when adding a device now is to add it to tellstick.conf and after that it turns up in the OH inbox.

But maybe if you describe your problem more it will be easier to tell what the problem is with finding your Duo.

Thanks for your answer, Gunnar. Interesting to learn about other hardware, though I’ll have another go at the Telldus software before going other routes.

Appreciate the help offered, Daniel, though I think it’s just a matter of me reading up a bit on Telldus and openHAB. It’s been a while since last time … Quite possibly I’ll be back.

OK, so I’m stuck on the telldus install. I’m taking this to the Telldus support or maybe their forums first.

Yep, that’s not totally intuitive. Especially if you’re for example on 64 bits arm, which didn’t exist the last time anyone on Telldus updated that software. My tip is to download the source and compile yourself.

Thanks again; in the end I opted for the more elegant solution of deleting the extraneous “{” that in mysterious ways had snuck itself into tellstick.conf. Now on to openHAB – I can see that there is quite a bunch to learn.

I’m running an RPi 3 that’s only used to switch ≈ six 433 MHz units, so nothing advanced. But it’s fun to explore new software.