How to configure Zigbee using files


I have some Xiaomi Aqara all in one sensors (temperature, humidity and pressure) here. Also A Zigbee stick CC2531 which I flashed with different firmware as one can find in several tutorials on the web.
I run OpenHAB 2 on a raspPi 3B+.
In OpenHAB 2 now I added the Zigbee binding using Paper UI interface.
If I use Paper UI as well to add the things and items I can get everything working - but I want to do this using *.things and *.items files to get a better overview.
This is my *.things file:

Bridge zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:00112233 "Zigbee coordinator" @ "Livingroom" [zigbee_macaddress="00158e00022dbg01", zigbee_port="/dev/ttyACM0"]
    Thing device 00158e00022dbg01 "Weather all in one" @ "Livingroom"

Under Paper UI Things I can see the ‘Zigbee coordinator’ which is online.
I also see the “Weather all in one” thing but it shows ‘UNINITIALIZED’.
If I click on the thing I get some furter message ‘HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING’.
I look in the OpenHAB docu which says that the thing is missing some parameters.
The problem I have is that I do not really know how to configure the thing correctly.
After ‘Thing device’ I added the MAC Adress of the Zigbee stick but I know it is wrong.

Can someone assist me how to get the correct configuration string?

Thanks a lot…


did you find a solution to this yet? I’m struggeling with the same