How to configure ZRC-90 Scene Controller in OpenHAB2 paperUI

I am new to OH2. I searched the forum to find help on configuring ZRC-90 Scene Controller in OH2. However, I couldn’t find any step by step guide. Can you redirect me to such a guide to configure the 8 button scene controller to control a zwaveplus lamp. I am able to control the lamp via paper/basic UI. Now I want to control it using a 8button scene controller.
To be precise, what should I add in my sitemap, items file?

Thanks in advance.

As the name states it is a scene controller.
You need to link a number itemtype to the scene_number channel, then catch the button presses in a rule and do stuff with it.

Hi @sihui
Thank you for the response. I created the scene in PaperUI and it works when I manually run it from the paperUI. I still do not know how to map the buttons on ZRC-90 with that of various actions. Say on button press, I want to switch ON the light 1 and again on the same button press I want to switch it OFF. The rule I have written works very well but how do I capture the button press on ZRC-90 and map it is not clear. For now I have to map 8 buttons of ZRC-90 with 8 different lamps.

Check your events.log which scene numbers are for which button press and then trigger your rules on received update

I checked the events.log and see all the logs but nothing for button press on ZRC-90.
My .items file contains this:
Number GF_Zrc_Remote “GF ZRC Remote” (GF_Dining) {channel=“zwave:device:bc3e0154:node3:scene_number” }

Is it correct or should it be anything else?

You can easily check your channels via PaperUI (example is a motion sensor):

@sihui I see it in the list and it was also detected as 8 button scene controller. Out of frustration, I deleted it and am trying to add it again. Now it is added as “unknown device”. Somehow openHAB2 is not able to recognize it as “8 button controller” now.
How do I reset and add it again?

What do you mean with deleted? Did you exclude it from the network or did you just delete the thing?
Read through the docs to properly differentiate between that:

If the device was not properly excluded from the network it needs to be reset. Check your manual on how to do that.

I have reset the device. Now when I press the keys, I can capture the keys as 1,2,… Still when I map in a rule and try to send command on my lamp, it doesn’t work. In the logging, I get the key press event and also number.
How can I send On/Off command to a lamp on key press?

rule "switch on scene number"
	Item YourSceneItem received update X //X=scene number you want to catch
	YourSwitchItem.sendCommand(ON) //Or OFF

Instead of switch I used the light and that didn’t work. As per your indication, I used a switch and it works now like a charm.
Thank you very much for your gr8 help @sihui

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How can I send the command to rgwb bulb from this rule for a specific color scene?

Search the forum for RGBW and you will find a lot of threads dealing with this.

Thanks @sihui. I wish to close this thread now. Any other questions, I will raise in a new thread or existing thread on respective topic.