How to connect Ikea Tradfri Bulbs to openHab Hue Emulation

Im trying to connect my Ikea Tradfri Bulbs to my openhab system without a gateway. I read that it should work with the Hue Emulation misc. Did anybody got the Bulbs connected to OH without a gateway?

Not via Hue emulation (whatever that is), but via a CC2531 and zigbee2mqtt (or you could use the Zigbee binding).

Tradfri operates on the Zigbee protocol, so you will need something which can send out ‘zigbee radio waves’…

Thanks for the answer. I got the CC2531EMK Coordinator (ZigBee stick). So it should work with that stick and the zigbee binding?

Yes, if you flash it with the software mentioned in the Zigbee binding documentation

I got the bulbs connected to OH now. But there is no Channel to switch the power. I just got a channel for the color of the light. I used the mqtt-Binding, the mqtt-Broker-Moquette and the ikea tradfri E27 (600 lm).

How did you configure it all? Did you end up using zigbee2mqtt after all?

I just used the mqtt Binding and the mqtt Broker-Moquette. After that the bulbs were in my inbox.

You can control ON/OFF, Brightness and Color through that single channel.

Switch BulbTrumpet1State                             { channel = "hue:0200:2:49:color" }
Dimmer BulbTrumpet1Bright                            { channel = "hue:0200:2:49:color" }
Color  BulbTrumpet1Color             (trumpetColors) { channel = "hue:0200:2:49:color" }

Documentation , see examples towards the bottom.