How to connect new Gledopto WIFI (SOLVED)

So, I made a mistake and instead of buying the Zigbee version of the Gledopto RGB+CCT Controller, I buyed the WIFI version (some links: Gledopto Smart Home WiFi Drahtlose RGBCCT LED Streifen Controller Arbeit Mit Smart Leben App WiFi Alexa Amazon Voice Control|RGB Controlers| - AliExpress)

I was able to connect it to my LED strip and control the colors and dimmer using the Tuya Smart app. I can also see in my router that a new device is connected, so I also have the IP of the Gledopto WIFI.

I tried to control it from Openhab using the WIFI LED Binding, but so far no luck. I guess this is using some other commands or protocol that this binding does not support.

So the question is, did someone manage to connect the Gledopto WIFI to Openhab?


Welcome to OH!

This means it’s a Tuya device, and there’s no binding for it. I actually just wrote a response to someone else with a similar question, so I’ll refer you there:

So, I wanted to add what worked for me, in case someone is interested in integrating this kind of devices:

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