How to connect Zigbee2MQTT usb stick with Mosquito on synology

Dear all,

First off all let me tell you that i am a beginner with openhab and coding.
I got a synology NAS which used to run OpenHAB on in Docker. Then I followed a tutorial to install mosquitto and set up an MQTT broker. Openhab can find my MQTTbroker and says: Online.

Now i want to let my CC2531 Zigbee2mqtt stick communicate with my MQTT broker. So I can connect my Osram LED lights to OpenHAB.
How do i let my CC2531 connect to the MQTT broker? The USB stick is also plugged into my Synology Nas.

Thank you guys in advance!



Your zigbee coordinator does not connect to MQTT. Zigbee2mqtt connects to the broker and zigbee2mqtt connects to the coordinator. So what you need to do is ask on a zigbee2mqtt forum for how to run that software on a Synology.

Thank you, I knew some logical things weren’t clear for me about MQTT.
I figured out how to connect a Zigbee2MQTT stick to the broker and how to connect a Osram Lamp to the MQTT stick.

The only question I have now is, how do i make the connected lamp visible in Openhab?

Create an MQTT thing that subscribe and publish to the zigbee2mqtt topics
Search zigbee2mqtt for tutorials on the forum

with version 1.8.0 you can also use this:

i had some problems with docker on synology and usb devices, when i restart the container, the usb device get a new path like /dev/ttyACM1 instead of /dev/ttyACM0 for example.

or also problems with permissions:

I also think the idea of the remote path is great, because it allows you to place the stick somewhere in the middle of the house, and you can achieve better connections to the end devices

This sentence shows you still are not clear. There is no such thing as an “MQTT stick”. There is a Zigbee Coordinatior.

Zigbee Devices <--> Zigbee Coordinator <---> Zigbee2MQTT <---> MQTT Broker <----> openHAB

You would do well to read up on the basics of both Zigbee and MQTT. It’s very important that you understand these and that you use proper terminology. In this case, it’s vitally important that you realize that Zigbee technology and MQTT technology have absolutely nothing to do with each other. You are using the software Zigbee2MQTT to bridge between those two so that openHAB can access them. This is one way to use Zigbee with openHAB.

It might be easier to use the openHAB Zigbee binding. The developer here is very helpful and meticulous.