How to connect zwave Danfoss LC-13 with Philio PST02C?

Hi There,

I’ve bought the Danfoss LC-13 for my radiator and a Philio PST02C as a Window Sensor.
Now I wanna connect them so that the Danfoss will close the Valve if the Window is opened.

But I have no Idea how to do this. I thought it might be a “good idea” to add the Danfoss to the “Reports” Group of the Philio and the Philio to the “Target for Wakeup and Override Notifications” of the Danfoss.
The first Group (Danfoss -> Philio) is connected but didn’t change the behaviour, the second (Danfoss -> Philio) won’t get saved (There is no error in Habmin2 but after saving and reloading the page, the connection has vanished).

Can anyone help me connecting both devices?


Uh, few people use zwave thermostats and possibly noone has ever tried to link them like that … how do you know this is supposed to work at all ?
You could check the zwave log what happens when you configure it .
I’ve seen similar behavior when the OH zwave database’s entry is not fully compliant with the vendor’s implementation, e.g. if a parameter in database is said to be 1 byte in length while the vendor implemented it as 2 bytes. But since communication is supposed to skip the OH zwave controller, there’s no means of getting a debug for it. I guess you need to ask Danfoss, then, why your config doesn’t ‘stick’.

Or, since you’re asking on a openHAB forum, why not write a rule to accomplish the same. Will probably be easier, and long term, you’ll want to do that anyway.

Or return your devices and get a MAX! thermostat set instead. There’s window sensor available, too, to work with the thermostats AND to be visible in OH using the cube server and maxcube binding. And they’re half the prize of a Danfoss or Philio device.

@mstormi: Why do you think they shouldn’t be linked together? The main idea behind the Window Contact is to shut down the Heater while the window is opened :smiley:
And the contact should be placed near the thermostat to communicate with it.

The idea with the rule will only work in short term, because the contact isn’t meant to communicate directly with the controller.

Maybe you’re right and I should consult a zwave forum.

P.S.: I’ve replace the creepy MAX! thermostat with the zwave setup because I’ve got more problems then solutions from MAX!

Hmmm - I’m not really sure what you mean here.

Firstly, you might be able to get the window sensor to shutdown the Danfoss, although I’m not sure this will be possible. You need to check what sort of notifications the window sensor can send, and if the Danfoss will do anything with them - it might work, but I have doubts…

However, there is no point in adding anything to the notifications in the Danfoss - why do you want the thermostat to send a notification to your door sensor?

No. That’s your idea, but probably neither Danfoss nor Philio have ever heard of each other or had that idea in mind when they implemented their devices.

Of course it is. I’m using some Philio PST devices as (standalone) door sensors, too. Just configured the association towards your zwave controller.

Sorry to hear. For me and a number of others, it’s working flawlessly. If you still have it around, give it another try. Reset the devices and re-flash the cube to start from new. Just don’t expect the vendor (eQ-3, ELV, …) to help you. If your problems are with OH - maxcube communication, there’s a number of people on this forum to help, including the pretty responsive author of the maxcube binding.

I know this is probably not the way you want it to work, but why don’t you do this with a simple rule?

I’m using several LC-13 and also some window sensors (not Philio, but the result stays the same). I have both of them integrated in rules (not the way you want to do it, but that’s also just a matter of some lines of coding).

I don’t know exactly where but I’ve read that I shouldn’t use the contact directly with the controller - except the contact is located near the controller…
But if you and your speakers tell me, that it will work, I’ll give it a try. The only thing I’ll have to do is to decrease the wakeup interval of the LC-13 and wait for an answer to another question (Zwave: Can’t update items using a rule - they are switching back again)

I’m not sure where you will have read that. Most devices have a group that is designed specifically for communication with the controller (often called Lifeline) so this is 100% fine.

FYI the Danfoss thermostats do have such a functionality built in

living connect® features an open-window function, which closes the valve if the temperature in the room is falling dramatically.

from [Z_wave_living_connect_VDHMB202.pdf] data sheet (

Yes but that typically does not work well because the temperature sensor is so close to the radiator that it’s one of the last places in the room where you notice the temperature drop.
For that reason, e.g. the new Fibaro thermostat comes with a separately placeable sensor.

I see - here in Switzerland the radiators and therefore the thermostats are usually installed directly below the window.

And there is also a protection mechanism that re-anables the thermostat after 30min. So if you leave the window opened for more than 30min you will start heating the environment.
I’ve build a rule using openhab (and will also migrate this bathroom to wired knx in a few weeks).