How to contol TV/Speaker volume from google home by voice?

Hi i setup tv (tvVolume) and also try add speaker to GH. They are successfully shown in google home (with correct tv/speaker icons) but how to increase/decrease volume by voice? For example when i connect my “speaker” from Broadlink app i say “Ok google increase sound by 5 on MyDevice” and all works but with OH 3 it docent work, any help?

Does the assistant respond with a confirmation?

If yes, does the value in openhab afterwards just not change?

i try differed voice commands and this “set volume by five on myTV” work (but not 100% and most of try it change google home mini volume), but i still don’t understand why “Ok google increase sound by 5 on MyDevice” command doesn’t work. What voice commands you use to change volume on sound devices like tv and speaker?

The docs only state something like:

Make the TV much louder will set a higher number of steps than Make the TV a tiny bit louder.

or setting volume to an absolute level similar to your first example:

Set volume to 5

There seems to be no way of stating the relative increase/decrease with a number.

I have made google routines that with specific phrases and change the volume of my reciever.

But the problem is I almost always forget the phrases so I grab the remote :slight_smile: