How to control dumb Gorenje washing machine?

We have a dumb Gorenje PS15/36140 washing machine, that has no internet. I have energy price data available in OpenHAB to decide when to run the machine. Has anyone hacked a Gorenje dumb washing machine to get the program to be remotely started by e.g. a wifi relay?

Use a metering power plug (Zigbee, Z-Wave, …).

if machine_started: 
 if current energy price acceptable: 
   do nothing 
  postone start, i.e. switch off power plug and switch it on if price level is acceptable

Algorithm to detect “machine_started” must be fine tuned for your machine to avoid switching it off at the wrong time.

Obviously, it won’t work if your machine doesn’t resume the program after a power loss.

If your machine is really dumb, you might end up with a flooded floor.

Unfortunately the machine does not resume program after power loss. It has a start/stop button. Perhaps a relay in parallell with button would do the trick.

What about a Fingerbot? Not sure about the reliability though …

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