How to control electric Sliding Gate

i have electric siding gate and is working fine with RF remote, and want to control via openhub,

and one have idea how can i control gate without disturbing gate RF remote setting,

Not without knowing what gate it is. Some schematics. RF protocol…
Some info would help

I agree with what Vincent says, nevertheless, just preliminary I would say mimicking the RF signal and send that from openhab might be an option.
Can only say more if I know a bit more about what setup you exactly have

Most Gate Controllers have wired inputs to control the gate with switches. Another option would be to open a RF controller and control the controller :slight_smile:

Some gates even have some outputs to show status. :wink:

Yapp :slight_smile:

ya we have same gate as you say but i want to control via openhub using nodemcu with mqtt so i not need RF control remote more and i can open and close using my home network too

is possible to clone my RF remote with using nodemcu so i can put nodemcu to near to gate with RF module

Yes you can do that, or out can use the nodeMCU to drive relays in the gate “box” to action the gate. There are options.
Have you checked the wifi reception at the gate? You may need a nodeMCU with a bigger wifi antenna.

thnks for replay and i have wifi network at gate too, but i don’t know how to clone RF remote for nodemcu and how to use with openhub , can you have any link for it so i can try ,

Google it

Then after that google “ESP8266 mqtt rf remote”

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