How to control LG OLED TV (On/Off)?

I own a LG OLED 65 C8 TV which just received a new firmware update that enables integration in HomeKit. So now I finally can use HomeKit to turn it on/off (e.g. for a “TV time” scene) and switch TV inputs.

But of course I want to do that with openHAB and not only with the Apple Home app.

I know there is the LG WebOS binding but unfortunately the underlying API is no longer supported and for me it’s really not working well. Most important I can’t turn the TV on using it. So I thought that maybe with the new Homekit integration there is a possiblity to leverage that.

Can openHAB somehow control Homekit items? I know (and use) the other way (openHAB exposing items to Homekit). My first thought was to create a Switch in openHAB and then use Homekit automation to synchronize that with the actual TV, but I don’t own an Apple TV or HomePod, so I can’t use automation. Is there any other way?

Does this python library work ?

Although you stated that the underlying API changed nevertheless the last update on the lib was done 2 months ago. May be there is a chance that at least the stuff that you are looking for is working.

I am surprised that a 2018 model does not work well with the LGwebOS binding.
Maybe we can help you. Can you explain what does not work?

I have it working fine, turns on and off. My
Firmware hasn’t updated to support homekit yet though.

Last time I tried was about a year ago. Turning the TV on did not work then. Since @crystollic says it currently works for hin I will try again, thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I installed the LG WebOs binding again and this time it works just fine. No idea why it didn’t last time I tried some time ago…

I also found an old iPad that I could set to be an automation master for my home. So just for reference, it’s also possible to use a proxy item to control this :slight_smile:

  1. Proxy item (switch) exposed to HomeKit
  2. WebOS TV in HomeKit
  3. Rule (in Apple HomeKit / Automation tab) that a change of the proxy item should start and action like “turn on the TV”